F U N. three point word score!

fun can be had in the least expected of places.
i remember in college going to a coffee shop in le mars with some friends and playing checkers, drinkin' java, and playing scrabble. i hadnt played scrabble since, but i remembered i liked it. a few years ago my mom and dad gave the game to me for christmas. i was excited and asked my mom if she wanted to play "no way, i hate that game!" she said. ive never actually found anyone else who want to play. so, ive had a scrabble game in my closet for the past three years. unopened and unplayed. finally, last night, i found an oponent. and it was glorious. i didnt remember the game being that much fun! and to top it off, in the box there was this little advertisement thingy that had all kinds of different versions of scrabble and other scrabble crap. one of the things it had one a t-shirt that had the scrabble logo on it!
needless to say, if you see me walking around wearing a scrabble shirt, dont be surprised...

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