ah, christmas time has come and passed. it was a good one this year, although i cant really remember a bad one. i came home on friday and met up with my moms side of the family for christmas stuff. always a blast to hang with the cousins. but i quickly ditched that party and headed out with my friends downtown grand rapids for the verve pipe show at the intersection- and boy did it rock!!!
saturday i slept in, then went shopping and got the rest of the gifts to give. the rest of the family came over, we went to church, then we opened prizes (thats what we call them, not presents. yes, i know we are wierd) and had a lot of fun.
this morning i slept in again (we went to church last night, so we called it good) and around noon my grandma stopped by for dinner. after we ate i went and visited my other grandma in the nursing home. i came home, hung out, then went to my sister and brother-in-law's place. we played trivial pursuit pop culture edition till two in the morning. it was a really great time. now i am home typing on the computer. its 3:09 and its too late (early?) to add anything witty to this post. sorry.

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