serene, but not calm

dang. this heat needs to let up, and now.
ive been watching the old episodes of firefly lately in preparation to see serenity. yah, i know, im a little late since it came out last weekend, but hey, ive been busy, so shup up and quit botherin me. anyway, ive watched about 8 episodes so far and have really been getting a kick out of them. the little world created is really interesting and unique. i was trying to tell my dad was it is like and the best i could come up with is "its kinda a sci fi asian western action drama comedy... thing." thats the best i gots. but i really dig it alot. the captain i automatically love from when he played jonny on two guys. the pilot is great- the pirate from dodgeball. and the best though is the engineer. wow. ~now paging ms. biel, you have some competition.~

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