the root of all that kills

last night i was busy cleaning up the ol place and i finally got a chance to try and balance my checkbooks. dang. i didnt realize it had been almost three weeks since i had done it last. oops. i got things taken care of and came (fairly) close to making all the numbers fit together. and then i realized something: money sucks. i dont mean that in philosphical 'oh, i think we should do away with possessions and just love everyone and junk', i mean the fact that i am not good at having any. so, i guess it would be more accurate to say this: i suck at money. yah, that sounds right. i can do ok with earning it, but im not so good at that whole 'not spending it' thing. there is so much crap i need (ok fine, want) to do with my house that i will never be able to make much headway. argh. i want a shed, i want a/c, i want new carpet, i want a dishwasher, i want i want i want. but i suck at money, so i probably wont get any of that. actually, i was right the first time- money does suck.

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