christmas in october

its so wonderful outside. i think it got all the way up to 87 today. this makes me so happy. except that it doesnt. i totally hate warm weather. i would be all set if the mercury never went above 70. ever. but alas, cruel fate. at least i have air conditioning in my classroom, so the heat is easily ignored.
anyway, it was a rather uneventful weekend. got a couple movies. watched em. watched the first twenty minutes of king arthur. that was about enough of that. so, i moved on. (on a side note, most videos i see are a bit old or odd because i usually go to the library to pick out my weekend entertainment. after all, its free.) next up was a strange one with robin williams called the final cut. it was kind of cool, but not really. finally, i went old school and got gung ho. you remember, that one with michael keaton and the japan stuff. classic. i never actually saw it before, but my old roomie in slc and i happened to catch about 20 minutes of it one time and proceeded to quote it for the next two years. "if you deed good befoe, den whyyy...?" great stuff.

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