old friends and new games

i stayed late after school yesterday to play games. usually if a teacher has to stay late its to grade papers or because there is a meeting. but no, i stayed so i could play games. i must admit that i am a video game fan. a few students asked me if i could stay after and play some wireless ds with them (for those unfamiliar, the ds is a handheld game system like a game boy, but cooler. and i am a dork and i have one.) so we did. we played for about an hour- and it was awesome! its childish, i know, but it was a lot of fun. we played bomberman.

it just so happened that yesterday our sports teams played another school and one of the coaches is an old friend from college. the only reason i got to see her is because i had stayed late to play ds, otherwise i would have left when i usually do and i would have missed seeing her. it was really cool to see her and catch up for a couple minutes. she said she is married. awkward... anyway, seeing her effected me more than i thought it would. im not entirely sure why it did, but a lot of those old college memories came flooding back. not necessarily in a bad way, but just in an unexpected way. i often times still feel like a college kid, but for the first time it really hit me just how far removed i am from that. removed in time, removed in location, and now realizing i am far removed in thought too. i havent thought about some of these college times in quite a while. every once in a while its nice to be reminded that i may still be a child at heart, my head is very much adult.

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