a brief look back

ive had this blog for about a month now. when i first started this i figured id try it for a month, and if i enjoyed it i would keep up on it, but if i got bored and didnt update it regularly i would just delete it. so, how have things been going? really good so far. its a whole lot more fun than i thought it would be. when i first heard about blogs i figured it was a stupid fad that would go away quickly. sure, it might be, but its been alot of fun so far. ive never been the journaling type, ive tried before but i get bored after about 3 days. its been cool taking time and organizing my thoughts (or lack there of) and share whats on my mind.
anyway, i think im addicted now. so, until they start making me pay for this stuff, i think ill keep plugging away at it!

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