friends and family traditions

this weekend i went home to see my brother again (he heads back to germany tomorrow). we had a lot of fun. friday was nice and laid back. meat on the grill, chillin with the fam, chattin it up. later we got talking about movies (big surprise...) and my dad said 'hey, i would really like to see that kingdom of heaven movie.' so i headed to the video store and my dad and i were joined by my brother and we just hung out and watched and chatted (usually the chatting would make me angry during a movie, but i had already seen it before, so it was ok...)
on saturday we did one of my favorite family traditions: we went to the apple orchard! hurrah! i hadnt gone in a while because i havent been around when the family went. but this year it was special because my brother was around this time and we could go as a while family. i dont know, its just one of those things that is a lot of fun. we dont really do anything special, and we are usually gone in under an hour, but its comfortable in some strange 'i love my family' way.

saturday afternoon was when the friends took over. i was finally able to connect with dusty and just chill with him. we ended up going out for dinner, but he had something to do at 8, so i headed over to aarons. we chilled there all night. i must say, i am so much better informed on my fashion do and donts. this will help my life so much. the most valuable fashion lesson i could ever learn: i should not put my hair in a ponytail on the side of my head. critical stuff. thank you e network, you just saved my life. dusty came over later as well as rex. it was great. the best part was definitely the ridiculous visit to steak and shake at 2 in the morning...

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