everyone's invited

one of diana's oldest and dearest friends is sarah, she grew up just down the street from diana and barbara so they spent a lot of time together growing up. now they live in michigan city so they dont get to connect as often as they used to.  recently we found a weekend where sarah, her husband vince, and their two kids could come over and spend the afternoon together.  it was a great time, we had a grill out with the whole gang, miranda and levi were able to spend the day as well!  sarah and vince have a son, sean, who is only a year older than ledger, so the two of them had a blast playing together!  as sean gets older, sarah passes down his old clothes to us, which is fantastic because they keep that kid well dressed!  which means we now keep our kid well dressed- score!  we had a great day of yummy food, a trip out on the lake and a bit of swimming.  it was so much fun- its really nice to be in an place where we can actually host friends and have a party together!
(more pics)

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