farm counting

ledger has been learning so much so quickly lately!  he's able to say and understand so many words now that every day when i come home he's got a new one or three to tell me.  i always like to go through his flashcards with him or his books and ask him what different stuff on the page is.  he's got just about all the animals figured out- both their names and their noises!  i thought i would put him to the test though, and see if he has learned how to count.  i lined up a bunch of his farm animal toys and counted them out for him, 'one, two, three...' and then asked him to do the same.  much to my delight, he pointed out each one and counted out a number: 'two, three, two, three, two, three...'  i was duly impressed!  granted, its not quite right, but he certainly understands the whole counting concept!  before we know it, he's going to be talking in complete sentences and holding conversations with us- oh, i cant wait!

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