ledger's artwork

ledger loves to play with his toys, just like any other kid, but there's one thing that he does a little bit differently.  he really loves to try and make things balance on top of each other.  why?  i have no idea, but he takes such joy in it!  he will take one of his little toy figures and set it on top of something and walk around it to get a good look at it from all perspectives, and then he will call one one of us over to check it out.  he is so proud of himself when he gets them to balance on the strangest things!  to the left you will notice one of his most impressive feats of balance, the sheep on the baby gate.  what a masterpiece!  its almost as if, to him, they are some sort of art installation that is a form of his expression.  please, check out some more of his 'balance gallery' here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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