mom's birthweek

it was diana's moms birthday, and we made a big deal out of it!  david insists that no one should celebrate a birthday- they should celebrate a birth week!  so all week long we had special treats like ice cream and pie, the two of them went out a time or two for special date nights, and we also gathered together, the whole family, for a special birthday dinner!  we went to the texas steakhouse with the whole gang: mom, david, alanna, scott, tavish, barbara, diana, ledger, and i.  as always, its hilarious to see ledger and tavish together.  the two of them loved the chance to laugh and play, doing their best to make as big of a mess as possible! after dinner we all headed back to the house and had a chance to play together in the backyard.  a wonderful end to a banner birth week!
(more pics)

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