brink boat

soon after they settled in, the kids wanted to go out on the boat!  they got in their bathing suits and we headed out.  as soon as the boat pulled out, a muskrat jumped out from behind the boat, freaking out all the girls!  well, there's no way jaidey is going in the water now...  we went around the lake, checking out the sites, and when we were in the middle of the lake papa asked if the kids were going to get in.  after the muskrat incident it took a little bribery to make that happen- he offered the kids a dollar if they hopped in.  almost before the words came out of his mouth, aves was mid-air making the plunge!  she quickly scurried back on the boat- the water was freezing!  jackson was willing to overlook that issue and he jumped in too.  aves took one last dive before they called it quits, making sure that papa was actually going to pay out!  when we got back to the dock the kids ran up to the deck and hopped in the hot tub to warm back up.
(more pics)

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