cross country meet up

i have a couple cousins who live way out in washington state, way up by the canadian border in a little town called linden.  about a dozen or so years a go, back when i lived in salt lake city, i was able to take a great road trip and visit them for a couple days.  i havent had the chance to see them much since then, but diana and i had the chance to meet up with mike recently.  their oldest, cody, is now in college (yikes, i'm old!  but thats ok because they are older...) and he goes to trinity college in chicago.  cody is on the cross country team and had an away meet in michawaka.  his dad, mike, flew out for the weekend to see his son and go to his meet.  my aunt ruth and uncle don (cody's grandparents) decided to come down at cheer him on as well!  they invited my mom to join them, so we got the chance to spend an evening with all of them together!  unfortunately the cross country meet was too early in the day for us to go to that, so we missed out on seeing cody, but we did get to spend some time with the rest of the gang.  we met up for dinner and got to chat for a while.  ledger was in fine form, being such a good boy for us, giving us the chance to talk in peace, and still be adorable and do super cute things to melt his mema's heart!
(more pics)

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