that pesky squirrel!

soon after we arrived saturday morning, we headed over to the flea market.  we wandered around and had a great time just checking stuff out.  one of the neighbors had a booth at the flea market and were selling sunflowers, so my mom got a couple to decorate the deck.  we headed back to the trailer and mom set them up on the table outside.  we sat down and had a bite to eat.  after the meal we looked out at the deck and there was a pesky squirrel who seemed to have gained an extra measure of courage (or stupidity), he scampered up to the table and pushed over the vase with the flowers in it- and then ran off!  what a jerk!  mom was beside herself, mad as a hornet about the gumption of that crazy squirrel- diana and i were beside ourselves as well, but mostly because we were laughing so hard!

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