labor day weekend visit

with the week over, we were finally able to head up to grand rapids to get our little guy and spend some time with the family!  we headed up friday night and picked him up from tim and jills place- it was so nice to see him again after all that time!  oh, how he'd grown in just those five days!  we soon tucked him in to bed and followed quickly after...  in the morning i got up with him and got to spend some time with him playing around the house.  mema and papa were at sandy pines, so it was just he and i finding stuff to play with at the house.  i made him some breakfast and realized that the baby chair was still in the basement, so we made due with what we had: a big boy chair.  he was totally up for it and did a great job sitting still and eating his oatmeal like a big boy!  pretty soon diana got up and we all got ready for the day and headed out to sandy pines to start the weekend!
(more pics)

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