ice cream and rc cars!

after dinner we decided to go and treat ourselves to an ice cream cone.  we got there and the line wasnt too bad considering that it usually leads out the door about 100 or 200 feet!  the thing that has always shocked me about this ice cream place is the size of their cones.  we usually order a baby cone size and it ends up being about 5 inches tall off the cone- i couldn't imagine how much ice cream it would be if you ordered a large!  yikes!  as we ate we wondered around the play area on the beach.  we spoiled ledger a little bit by giving him a lick.  he enjoyed it and the walked back to play, would immediately turn around and want other lick!  i think we have an ice cream fan...
after the frozen treat, we went for a little ride around the park on the golf cart.  as we were driving by, we noticed that there was a bunch of people with their cars at the off road r.c. track.  ledger had never seen that before, so we stopped and got a chance to check it out.  i'm not sure who was more impressed by the car stunts- ledger or papa!
(more pics)

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