labor day fever

we had a great time at sandy pines all weekend, but on sunday ledger was feeling pretty crummy.  we tried to make the most of it, but he was feeling pretty under the weather.  he was running a bit of a fever and all he wanted to do was cuddle- and play with his ears!  when our little guy is tired or not feeling well, he always fiddles with those huge ears of his!  we spent most of the day just holding him tight and making him as comfortable as possible.  monday the fever continued, so we packed him up and took him home, hoping that he would be able to rest and recuperate a bit.  he was a perfect angel on the way home, he was so exhausted and beaten!  it took another day or two after we got back, but eventually he started acting like his ol' energetic self.  though, i'm pretty sure he had worn his ears raw by then!
(more pics)

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