sit up

our little boy is growing up!  ledger just reached another important milestone: he is now sitting up all by himself!  for the longest time he would fight it, not wanting to sit down.  he would refuse to bend at the waist when we would try to get him to sit, opting instead to lay or stand.  well, with a little bit of hard work and a bunch of practice, we got him to do it on his own!  saturday morning i was up early with him (letting the wife get a few extra hard-earned hours of sleep) and sat him down on the blanket on the floor to see if he would practice sitting with me.  much to my surprise, he was completely up for it, no fighting at all.  i set him up and let him play with a few toys and before i knew it, he didnt need me or the pillow to keep himself up!  needless to say, i was one proud daddy!
i was so happy to be able to be a part of that moment, i often fear that i will miss all the big milestones like crawling, walking, talking, because i am gone all day at work.  but it looks like he wanted to show this one off to his dear old dad.  thanks, little guy!

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