shopping in the cart

when diana and i finally made it home at the end of a long weekend apart, we realized that the fridge and cupboards were rather empty!  so monday we went shopping and got a few things to get us by.  while we were there we realized that maybe we could take ledger out of the car seat and let him try being in the shopping cart.  well, it worked!  our little guy is getting big enough to sit in the shopping cart all by himself!  he totally loved it too- usually when we go to the store all he can see is the lights and maybe what's on the top shelves.  this must have been so strange to him- 'oh, this is whats going on every time you take me here!  now i understand...'  he was in awe of all the sights and sounds that he was now able to be a part of.  mom had gotten us one of those cart covers for babies, but i forgot to bring it home.  oops.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, hope all is well with you and your fam. It was great "catching up" with you guys by reading through you blog. It had been a while. The next time your in Ohio (or the first time your in Ohio!) stop in and see us.

Matt Garrett