first halloween

as halloween was approaching, diana and i didnt really have any big plans.  i know its ledger's first halloween, but as far as holidays go, its not a very important one.  well, our friends julie and frank invited us over to help them pass out candy at their place!  i was certainly ok with that, i mean in years past we would hardly ever get any trick-or-treaters anyway, maybe only a half dozen or so the whole night.  we had gotten a really cute costume for ledger, so we brought that along for him to wear. most of the evening we sat out with the little guy on the front steps and gave out candy to all the kids walking by.  i was surprised at how many people they had stop by- there were probably 50-60 kids!  once it got dark, and the candy ran out, we headed back inside and had a wonderful meal that julie had prepared for us.  i'm sure ledger is much to little to remember this halloween, but julie helped make it memorable for us!
(ledger's costume and other pics)

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