getting ready

with diana heading out to be with her friend in detroit after her loss, that left ledger and i alone to try and make it through the weekend!  yikes!  dont worry, i made plans to go up to see my family in grand rapids so mema and papa could help me out a bit.  well, the first night with just the guys went really well, he slept the whole night through!  by morning though, i knew i needed to pack up as quickly as possible (or at least as quickly as ledger would allow...) and head up to grand rapids.  i needed to have both my hands free to get things packed, so i put him in his high chair and turned on the tv to a children's channel.  he was mesmerized!  i dont usually let him watch tv so he seemed to understand that this was a rare treat for him- and he just soaked it up!  eventually i got the car packed (and the fifty thousand things you seem to need now that there's a baby involved!) and was ready to go- his eyes still glazed over while he followed the adventures of kai-lan.  sorry buddy, its time to go!
(more pics)

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