indy con

every year i attend a teacher's convention through school.  usually its in south bend, but every once in a while its somewhere else, sometimes its in grand rapids, other times its been in milwaukee.  well, this year it was in indianapolis!  with me being gone for two days, diana didnt really want to spend all that time at the house alone, so wednesday night we drove over to south bend so she and ledger (and poco) could stay with her mom and david for the weekend!  thursday morning i got up nice and early so i could make it to the convention center for the opening speaker at 9:00am.  i got to go to a few different seminars that day and then headed to the hotel i had gotten for the night.  it was a really amazing hotel for super cheap (i highly recommend it- check it out here!).  it was a bit strange going out for dinner all by myself, but there was a ruby tuesday's right next door and couldnt pass that up since there arent any of them by us any more.  the next day there were a few more seminars and speakers, and then i headed home.  it was a great time, but i wish i could have taken in a bit more of the city.  oh well, i guess diana and i will just have to visit there again for a weekend retreat sometime!  any offers for babysitting?..
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Of course Mema will take him!!!