nemo decor

one of the things that i always seem to get roped into at work is making decorations.  since i have some artistic ability, i dont really mind too much- its a great chance to be artistic, which i enjoy.  well, our student council planned a special movie night for all the families to come and enjoy a family movie on the big screen in the school's gym, and also raise a bit of money at the concession stand!  can you tell which movie they decided on?  they asked me to make a little something to decorate the walls.  when i get a challenge that i actually enjoy, i go a little further then i might otherwise, well i really loved making the different characters for this one!  each one was two or three feet wide and filled up the gym really well when they were put up!  the younger kids who went loved the decorations and were invited to take them home at the end of the night.  who knows, they might still be up on the walls of their bedrooms!
(more pics)

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Captainbananapants said...

These are fantastic!