a date, three years later

three years ago today my life changed. i didnt know it at the time, of course. it was a saturday afternoon and i was driving in my car to some random town in michigan called buchanan. see, there was this girl who i had met online and had been talking to for a week or two. things had been going pretty well with our phone talks, so i asked if i could meet her. she obliged, and said 'sure'. after giving me directions that i was seriously doubting on that saturday afternoon, i gave my friend jeffry lee a call. i was about 40 minutes in to the drive to this girls house when i called him. i told him that i was meeting up with this girl for a date and she lived in the middle of nowhere! i said to him 'oh man, i hope this doesnt work out because i do not want to make this long drive again!' twenty minutes later i arrived and picked up diana for our first date. unfortunately for my car's mileage, it did work out and i ended up taking that same long drive to the middle of nowhere about 1000 times! we had an amazing time on that first date and less then four months later i asked her to be my wife! happy three year anniversary, my dove!
(more pics)

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Anonymous said...

Awww...so sweet!! Love you 2!! Mom