go bears

now, i'm not much of a sports fan, but there was a whole bunch of excitement around these parts when the bears made it to the final game leading up to the super bowl. one of the girls diana works with invited us over to watch the game at their house. figuring it would be a good time (even with the football game playing), we headed over there. we had been to julie and franks place before and knew they had an enormous tv, so even though i wasnt that interested in the game, i would at least be able to marvel at the huge screen! we got there and had a fantastic time! they had invited a bunch of people over, 12 or more, and everyone was decked out in their bears gear. diana and i were about the only two people there with no football related clothing on! unfortunately the bears did not fare so well, but it was a great time watching the game and hanging out with some new people!
(more pics)

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