the cobbler

while we were visiting my family over christmas one of diana's shoes broke. it was a nice pair of shoes that my mom and gotten for her last year, so we didnt want to throw them away. diana loves them and wears them to work every day, so it was worth trying to find a place to fix them. well, when i found out that we had shoes that needed fixing, i got very excited. 'does this mean we get to go to the cobblers?!?' i excitedly asked. yes, yes it does! a couple miles from our house is a cobbler that will repair broken shoes. that pleases me and brings me great joy. the fact that an outdated job like cobbling is still around and making a go of it brings a smile to my face! so we finally got to go to the cobbler and inquire of his services. we got them back and they did a great job for only a few bucks. awesome!

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Captainbananapants said...

Fabulous. I got excited too!