rack em'

the week after christmas my mom and papa had a day off and figured they would come down and visit us! we were very glad to see them considering we only got to see them for a few days over break. we didnt have any real plans for the day other than going to uno's for lunch. while we were at lunch mom pulled out her new ipod touch that my brother got her for christmas and got to play around with it and show her some of the cool apps and stuff she can use on it. after lunch diana and mom went across the parking lot to the merrillville mall while papa and i went looking for a cigar shop he had heard of in the area. we found it pretty easily, thanks gps, and checked it out. inside they had a whole big room full of leather chairs and games to play. we first went over to the pool table and played a few games of pool. i taught papa how to play 9 ball and he really loved it! he also dominated too, i only ended up winning one game, and that was only because he sunk the que ball while he was going for the 8 ball! after that we moved on to the fancy marble chess set and played a game which papa quickly won. i challenged him to a game of checkers, and finally i got my first real victory of the day! after a couple hours of play, the women were done shopping, so we headed back to pick them up. what a fun day! thanks for coming down, mom and papa!

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