a gift from diana's dad

when we were leaving the christmas party with diana's extended family, her dad wanted to give us his christmas gift for us. we walked over to his car and he pulled out this huge box- it was a whole new 16 piece set of pots and pans! wow! we were totally amazed at this generous gift! we had gotten some pots and pans for our wedding, but as we used them these past couple years, we found that they werent exactly of the highest quality... diana's dad got us a set that is really high quality and they look beautiful! diana was so pleased that she was giddy the whole ride home! right away, before putting away all our stuff from the weekend away, diana wanted to rip into the box and see just how amazing this set is. here she is marveling at the awesome new pots and pans. diana was so excited that she even said that she might start cooking just to use them! (ooh, i might get in trouble for saying that last bit...)

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