blizzard '011

we had been hearing about it on the news for a couple days. they kept saying how we were going to have a blizzard, but the weather people on the news almost always seem to be wrong. well, this time they werent! tuesday around noon the bad weather started and we got an email from the principle that we were going to be getting out of school early to get all the kids home safe before the worst of it came. strange, huh? well, that afternoon they also cancelled school for wednesday so diana and i got to enjoy a wonderful snow day off together! the weatherman was right for once because we ended up getting a few feet of snow and 50 mile an hour winds! that means that there's some awesome snow drifts out there! wednesday morning we woke up, late of course, and peeked out the windows. well, we had to peek out the top of the windows because the snow drifts actually covered the bottom half of the windows! i trekked out there to see it for myself and it was amazing! in some places the drifts were as high as my shoulders! since neither of us had anywhere to go, we didnt even bother shoveling it! early wednesday morning i already had a message on my phone that school would be cancelled for thursday as well! awesome! two snow days in a row is unheard of around here, so i knew we were going to have a great time doing nothing! diana and i sat back and relaxed on this unexpected two days off and watched movies and played tons of yahtzee!
(more pics)

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