after party

after the fun time at the ottowa tavern in downtown grand rapids, all of us headed over to jill's place to hang out. jill was worried that we wouldnt be able to find anything to do there, but little did she know that we never need anything to do- we are more than capable of entertaining ourselves! we did just that with tons of strange and silly conversations. aaron and rex stopped by to see a couple of their friends at another bar, but came to join us soon after. we were still just hanging out and catching up. the best part of the whole night was that everyone was in such a great mood! often times there can be one or two people who are having a bad day or decide to be sarcastic and annoying, but that night everyone was up for some fun. as we were talking we realized that this was only the third or fourth time that we had gotten to hang out with jeffry lee and jill together, and only the second time we got to see allison and brains together too! diana had a great time with those two girls and is convinced she has found a couple new best friends. ah, my plan is working perfectly: get the wife to actually like to hang out with my friends!
(more pics)

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