on display

diana wanted me to make something to display her necklaces. i was a bit skeptical because she has dozens of necklaces but never wears them! she said the reason was because they were all tucked away in a drawer of her jewelry box and since she didnt see them she would always forget to wear them. all right, i guess that makes sense. well, i gave it some thought, and a visit to the hardware store, and this is what i came up with! its just a simple piece of wood with two rows of hooks on it. she was really pleased about it and we hung it up in the bedroom right next to her closet. it didnt take much work, and now she wears a different necklace all the time! this makes me happy because it makes her happy, and when she is happy, everyone is happy! (thats a little marriage lesson i learned right away!)

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Dad is impressed!! :)