i had presidents day off of work, so diana and i decided to head up to grand rapids for the weekend. on of the things we knew we should do was hang out with the guys. ive seen them from time to time when we go home, but diana hadnt seen most of them since the summer! well, we wanted to change that up right quick. diana and i picked up rex on the way downtown where we met up with everyone at ottawa tavern. i had never been there, but its a pretty cool bar downtown. when we got there we hung out with keith, brains and his wife allison, and aaron. jeffry lee and jill showed up about a half hour later. we had a great time having a little food and a little spirits. it was so much fun to see everyone together again! diana really hit it off with jill and allison too! a great time was had by all. as the night was wearing on, jill asked if we wanted to continue the party at her house. well, of course!
(more pics)

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