toll cruncher

after diana and i got home from the great weekend with miranda and levi in milwaukee, we had to go and pick up our stinky dog from her dad's place. we took the indiana toll way and stopped at one of the rest areas along the way. i had never been in this rest area, so i was really surprised and quite excited by the fact that it had its own penny cruncher! i know, having a penny that says 'indiana' on it isnt very exciting, but adding another crunched penny to the collection is! ah, its the little joys in life that keep you going, huh?

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Captainbananapants said...

I've stopped at that place a few times and always wanted to get you some pennies but never had any quarters on me! I'm glad to see you discovered it on your own! Don't they have a tractor one? I hope you got that one.