hello harley

the place that miranda and levi were most excited about going to in milwaukee was the harley davidson museum. (dont worry, the place wasnt on fire, they just bring in some of the fire equipment to show it off on the weekends!) both of them are big motorcycle people and come from motorcycle families. as for diana and i? well, we werent all that excited about it, but were willing to try anything once. turned out to be a lot more interesting than i would have thought! we had a fun time learning about the history of the company and seeing all the really old motorcycles and stuff. the coolest parts were seeing the motorcycles they manufactured for the wars. we all ended up having a great time there- i know my dad would have been jealous!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3, 4. we even ate at the museum restaurant!)

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Miranda said...

I just have to comment because as I was looking at the Harley museum pictures... there was an add for a Butty Buddy... it's an additional pad for the passenger seat of a motorcycle.... fitting I guess!