the day the tivo died

the other day i get home from work and diana tells me 'there's something wrong with the tv'. i check it out and cant get the dvr to turn on. after about five minutes the thing turns on, but there is a slight problem: it says that it has lost everything saved on it. what?!? i am completely dumbstruck! everything we have saved on there is gone?!? what a pain! turns out our dvr decided it needed to reboot itself and everything we had saved on there was erased.
after i got over my initial outrage, i calmed down a bit, after all, we only had a few shows saved on there that we hadnt seen yet and most of those shows we could watch on the internet if we really wanted to. the thing that was saved on the dvr that i am saddest about though, was the episode of 'the late late show with craig ferguson' that i was in the audience for. a couple years ago i went out to l.a. to visit a great friend and we went to a taping of the show (it was a ton of fun, which i wrote about here). i had it saved on the dvr since then and would show it off occasionally because you could actually see me in the shots of the crowd. again, i'm sure i could actually find that episode on line too, so its not the end of the world. i did give our satellite provider a call though and share my frustrations... turns out if you ask to speak to a manager you can talk them into giving you a discount on your bill for a year and a free movie channel package for three months! score!

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Captainbananapants said...

hahahah I'm sure Diana was mortified when you called and made a fuss! Can't WAIT to see you guys on Sunday! <3 <3 <3