blue ribbon mansion

after we decided on milwaukee for our weekend destination, diana quickly went to work trying to find things that we could do while we were there. she found a cool old mansion that we could tour through, its the old pabst homestead, the home of the family behind the beer fortune!
the mansion itself is pretty impressive, its an old house from the 1890's and was built by and for the pabst family to live in. there was some really cool history we got to hear as we took the tour of the home. the decorations and furnishings were really impressive- this place cost a fortune to build! the family had sold it years and years ago, it eventually was purchased by the catholic church and was the residence of the local archbishop. in the 70's it was purchased and turned into a museum. what was kind of cool about the place is that it is still in the process of being restored. only the main floor is completely restored. the second floor is about half way done, but they have to work slowly because they dont have a ton of money or anything to restore it quickly. its interesting to see some of the rooms redone to look like the period it was built, and then one room over see it in its unrestored state, as it was when the archbishops lived there. they havent even touched the third floor of the place, so we werent allowed to go up there at all. it was a really interesting place with tons of cool elements from the time it was built. this was diana's favorite part of the trip- i think she just likes to nose around in other people's stuff!
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