birthday buckaroo

it was mom's birthday last week but diana and i werent able to make it up there to celebrate, so instead we met in the middle! saturday night we headed over to benton harbor, the halfway point to grand rapids, and met up at texas corral with mom, papa, jill, tim, and the kids for a special dinner! it was a great time for everyone, diana and i were so excited to see the family- it felt like it had been forever since we last saw them! the kids are growing up so fast! we got to sing happy birthday to mom (along with the entire staff of the restaurant!) and gave her a few presents too. i know mom always loves it when we make a special event out of her birthday, and i'm pretty sure she had a great time!
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Anonymous said...

It was a great night of celebration with the fam!! We need to do that more often :) Love you both!