hotel milwaukee

over the summer diana and i made plans with her best friend miranda and her husband levi to take a trip this fall for a weekend away. we spent the next couple months thinking of places to go. we originally wanted to go downtown chicago, but soon realized that that was way too expensive! that forced us to get a little more creative and try to think of other cool places that didnt involve too long of a road trip. we decided on milwaukee. i think the deciding factor was that they have a harley davidson motorcycle museum and levi loves harleys. works for us, just so long as we get to go away for the weekend!
miranda and levi came to pick us up nice and early so that we could get up there and be able to enjoy the day. the trip wasnt too bad either, it ended up only taking a couple hours or so to get there which went really quick! we actually got there too early to check in to the hotel, so we wandered around the town for a while before we could unload the vehicle.
(more pics)

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