halloween treats

halloween has never been very busy on the street we live on, but diana and i bought some candy to hand out just in case. most years i've lived here i would only get about 3-5 visitors at my door on halloween, but this year it was quite different! i dont know what it is, but there were dozens of groups of families walking around our street getting candy! diana and i decided that instead of opening the door and having our stinky little dog scare the trick-or-treaters half to death, we would sit outside on our porch and welcome the kids as they stopped by. it was a good time seeing all the little kids dressed up as different princesses and ninjas and pirates and all the rest! we did run out of candy after a while, but we were able to help out quite a few candy-hungry kids!

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Captainbananapants said...

What a change! Normally you guys delight in turning out your porch light and going out to eat until all the wretched children pass. Now you're sitting out on the porch like a couple of 60 somethings! lol Love!