lego bub

the big plans for the day in chicago mostly revolved around bub getting to go to his new favorite place on earth: the lego store! he was so excited to go that he told us in the morning that he had dreamed about legos all night! after the half hour drive to downtown chicago, we found a place to park and walked over to michigan ave. we didnt exactly know where the lego store was, but that was ok considering we had gotten downtown 45 minutes before the lego store even opened! after figuring out where it was and heading up to the third floor of the mall, we found it. bub was in his glory! as soon as the doors of the place opened he raced inside, leaving his dad and i in his dust! he spotted the star wars legos right away and was all set. we pulled him away from them for a couple minutes so he could walk around the rest of the store and check out all the cool stuff they had to offer, but he quickly returned back to the two sections of star wars legos. bub was given an important decision to make while we were there: he had been given money from his grandparents and from his mom and dad to buy his christmas presents, not he had to make sure he made some good decisions about which lego sets he wanted! not one to take the decision lightly, he spend the next hour going back and forth between the two sections of star wars legos looking at his options, weighing his choices carefully. he finally picked two larger sets, and two smaller ones and was happy with what he decided. then we waiting in the 15 minute checkout line (it seems that everyone finished their lego shopping at once...) and bub got the latest addition to his star wars lego empire!
(more pics)

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