hair wedding

one of the girls at the place diana works at was getting married and diana and i scored an invitation! because all the people from the salon were going, they closed down early that saturday (which diana didnt mind too much...) so everyone could attend. we went to the reception and had a blast! i hadnt really spent much time with diana's new coworkers, so it was great to be able to finally put faces to names.
it was kind of strange to be there, considering i didnt know anyone at all. i kind of felt like a wedding crasher a little bit... we were at a table on the opposite end of the hall from where the bride and groom were seated so it felt like it was completely unconnected from the festivities, which was ok, but kind of strange. we had so much fun chatting and enjoying the night! congratulations, bride and groom (i have no idea what their names are...), we really enjoyed the free dinner!
(more pics)

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