bub sleeps

eventually, after the movie was finished, we tucked bub into bed. i had planned ahead and gotten the inflatable matress out of the shed for him and got it ready in the second bedroom of our place. as he was getting ready i began to realize what a production this was going to be! after the matress was blown up he asked if we had a night light for him, which for some reason, we did. next, he asks for a fan so that he can have some noise while he sleeps. next up, he needs some music playing so we had to sort through some music so we could have a good cd playing while he slept (granted, the music playing was mostly so that it would drowned out the noise of the trains as they go by during the night), then he needed an alarm clock in the room so he could tell what time it is if he woke up in the middle of the night. yeesh, that kid needs a lot of stuff just to go to bed! i guess i cant complain too loudly since i need a fan blowing too...
(more pics)

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