talk soup

monday night diana and i finally used the last of our christmas gift certificates and went for dinner at panera bread! it had been a long time since i had been there (i used to go there at least once a week before we got wifi at the house...). we got some yummy dinner and found a seat.
we had an amazing time! it was probably the new springtime like weather outside, but it was just so relaxing, comfortable and warm. we just sat there and talked, laughed, and ate for an hour or two! ever since diana has been done with school she has been so much more relaxed and worry-free! this is something that i really appreciate because then we are both able to enjoy our time together and just take it easy. we didnt have anywhere to go, and we didnt have any clock to race to get there. oh, and the chocolaty dessert certainly made her even happier! life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Seems your life is very good! Congrats on a great first year together. May they all be just as happy and filled with love.
Mom and David