pulling her hair out

diana had been worried about taking her final exam at school for months now. one of the last things that she has to do at cosmetology school is pass all her finals. these are timed tests where she has to do certain hair styles, cuts, sets, curlers, and all kinds of other hair related things. in preparation for the tests she even took home some of the mannequin heads she had at school to practice (those heads are very creepy, by the way...). she kept getting frustrated because she was able to do everything, and do it well, but she had a couple things she couldnt do in the twenty minute time frame they allotted her. sure, she could do it in twenty one minutes, but that wasnt going to cut it!
well, the day of her tests she got up really early so she could get to school and have the chance to practice one last time. in the afternoon i got a text from her saying that she passed most of it (she has the opportunity to take small portions of it over again if she needs to, and she did need to...)! i was really excited for her- all that stress is finally over! so, i did the good husband thing, and went out and got her some flowers to give her when she got home. a couple days later she retook the parts she missed and this time passed with time to spare! way to go, diana!

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