lobster fest

diana calls me out of the blue right after she gets out of school: 'want to have some lobster?' my first thought is 'diana, we just went out for dinner two nights ago...' then she explains herself: she got a call from her mom saying that she and david wanted to meet up with us at red lobster in michigan city. oh, now that i can do!
right away when diana got home we hopped in the car and headed to michigan city (its about the halfway point between mom and us). turns out barbara was able to come too! we got there a couple minutes before them, put in our name, and soon were chowing down on cheese biscuits and delicious crawlies from the deep! it was great, as always, to see her family. diana was really excited to see her mom and sister again so unexpectedly- i think those three have some strange connection that when ever they are together they are instantly recharged and feeling great, no matter what kind of day they may have had. diana spent the rest of the week grinning ear to ear! and after eating at red lobster, my belly was doing the same...

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