lakeshore focus

there is a local show on here that is produced in chicago called lakeshore focus. it covers any regional news that is going on, focusing on one topic a week. recently they had an episode devoted to the holocaust due to a new exibit opening at the center for visual and performing arts. some how someone got the number of joyce, the social studies and geography teacher at my school. she was invited to be on the panel to talk about the holocaust and the importance of teaching it in schools. see, she has a passion for that subject and devotes a portion of her class to learning about it. she went and joined the discussion with a couple leaders from the jewish federation of northwest indiana. she did a great job examining the subject and even got in a few nice plugs for our school! it was really cool to see her hold her own along with these men who do this for a living. great job, joyce! i've heard that they will soon be posting the whole episode on their website. when that happens i will be sure to add a link to it!

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