pub and more

that night we went out with the guys. we met up at their place and then headed over to the new hangout: chicago dr. pub. some of the guys beat us there and picked a seat, unfortunately it was a seat on the loud side of the pub right in the center of the huge blaring speakers (at least thats what it seemed like...). we sat there for about an hour staring at each other because it was too loud to actually talk even when yelling. i grew weary of it quickly, so diana and i moved over to the other side of the pub where you can actually hear each other. jill soon followed. after about twenty minutes everyone else had shuffled over to the reasonably volumed area as well. aside from the headache, we went on to have a pretty good time there! diana and barbara were able to catch up and both were enjoying the chance to talk with jill. the guys and i had a good time talking as well. as the night was winding down at the pub, we headed back to the guys house. by now it was about 2:00am, which for most was getting late, but for barbara- the night was just getting started! (she works nights, so the night was literally just getting started!) we hung out there talking with aaron for a while longer, having fun and being silly. by 4:30am diana and i finally decided to call it quits, even if barbara wasnt even remotely tired!
(more pics)

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