time to open prizes!

on christmas eve we got together as a family and opened our gifts. in years past we have sometimes gone to church at 6pm or 11pm, but it was just going to be the same service as on sunday, so we decided to just get together at my folks place instead. we also figured we would take the easy route for food and just ordered some pizza.
after everyone was here and the food was eaten, we headed downstairs for the gifts. it was fun to do it down there this year, there was plenty of room for everyone, and places to sit too, which hasnt always been the case in years past...
soon the fun began! we took turns opening gifts, we started with the kids then worked our way up to mom and dad, and repeated as necessary. it was a blast, as usual! the kids loved their gifts, and we would often have to stop everything because one of them wanted the package open so they could play with it immediately (not that i can blame them). i was able to give out some fun gifts this year. my dad has always loved the godfather movies, so this year i got him a behind-the-scenes book about the film, as well as the box set of the movies. he loved it. mom got some willow tree stuff, chad got a cd and stuff, and tim and jill were happily surprised by the gift of a photo printer. the kids loved their toys too- i got jackson a transformer. i figured its never too early to teach a child what a good toy is. i got some great stuff too, including a couple wii games. awesome!
by the time it was over the kids were exhausted (as were the rest of us), and each of us got some really fun stuff. but more importantly, we got to spend some great time together and show our love and appreciation.

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