chily zoo

last night we headed to chicago to check out the holiday festivities that were happening at the brookfield zoo. it was really cold, but figured it might be worth checking out. it was pretty cool, down all the walkways there were different christmas trees decorated by assorted companies, schools, and kids activity groups. one i thought was pretty funny was a tree decorated by a highway maintenance company- it was covered in 'caution' yellow tape and orange ribbons!
we walked through the different animal buildings. we checked out the elephants and hippos, which i felt bad for having to be in such small areas, but we figured it was better then being outside in the 30 degree weather! at one point there was a synchronized tree light show while they played a great old frank sinatra christmas tune. they also had a lazer light show that was kind of silly. the whole time i kept having this feeling like they should be playing pink floyd or something...
one of the coolest things there for the holiday event was a guy who made ice sculptures. when we first walked by he was starting to make a butterfly out of a three foot tall block of ice. the ones he had already made, a deer and a dragon, were amazing!
we didnt quite freeze to death, but it was touch-and-go for a minute there...
even with the cold weather it was a fun time.

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